Ice machines & other equipment.

Ice Machines

Our ice machines are designed to meet a variety of commercial and industrial needs. Whether you require ice for beverages, food preservation, or other applications, our machines deliver reliable and efficient ice production.

Plate Freezers

Plate freezers offer a rapid freezing solution, ideal for preserving the quality of various products such as seafood, meat, and vegetables. Our plate freezers are designed for maximum efficiency and space utilization.

Blast Freezers

Our blast freezers utilize cutting-edge technology to ensure rapid and uniform freezing of a wide range of products. From meats to baked goods, these freezers are essential for preserving freshness and quality.

Water Chillers

Water chillers play a crucial role in maintaining the desired temperature for various industrial processes. Our water chillers are engineered for efficiency, reliability, and precise temperature control, ensuring optimal performance.

Process Automation

Revolutionize your freezing processes with our freezing tunnel equipped with a conveyor belt and advanced process automation. Experience the convenience of automatic freezing, making the process not just efficient but fully automated. Ideal for large-scale freezing applications.

Explore the diverse and high-performance range of ice machines and equipment offered by Ceylon Refrigeration & Engineering Pvt Ltd. Our solutions are meticulously crafted to meet the demands of various industries, providing reliability and excellence in freezing and chilling capabilities.