Comprehensive Approach

At Ceylon Refrigeration & Engineering Pvt Ltd, we are your one-stop solution for Cold Room & Refrigeration Projects. Our end-to-end services cover every aspect, ensuring a seamless and successful project implementation.

Our A-Z Service Includes

1. Designing & Planning:

Our team of highly qualified professionals will work closely with you to design and plan your project, customizing solutions to meet your specific requirements and industry standards.

2. Civil Work & Foundation:

Ensure the stability and longevity of your project with our expertise in civil work and foundation construction. We create a robust base for the installation of your cold room and refrigeration systems.

3. Steel Building:

Incorporate the strength and durability of steel structures into your project. Our steel building solutions are designed to withstand environmental challenges while providing a secure housing for your refrigeration systems.

4. Machine Mounting Platform (If required):

For projects that demand elevated or specialized machine placement, we offer machine mounting platform construction. This ensures optimal performance and accessibility for maintenance.

5. Cold Room & PU Panel Installation:

Our skilled technicians handle the precise installation of cold rooms and PU panels, ensuring the integrity of your temperature-controlled environment.

6. Refrigeration Machine Installation:

Trust our experts for the professional installation of refrigeration machines, connecting all components for efficient and reliable operation.

7. Electrical Wiring:

The electrical wiring phase is crucial for the functionality of your refrigeration systems. Our certified electricians ensure a safe and efficient electrical setup.

8. Commissioning:

We conduct thorough commissioning processes, meticulously testing and fine-tuning every element to guarantee optimal performance before handing over the project.

With our commitment to excellence and comprehensive services, Ceylon Refrigeration & Engineering Pvt Ltd is your trusted partner for successful Cold Room & Refrigeration Projects. Experience a seamless journey from concept to completion with our dedicated project management and installation team.