Our services & expertise.

Design & planning services.

At Ceylon Refrigeration & Engineering Pvt Ltd, we offer a suite of Design & Planning Services tailored to meet your unique requirements. Whether you have an engineer on-site or not, our team is ready to assist or design your project in an economical, highly technical, and professional manner. Our customized designs aim to enhance the reliability and stability of your business. Key performance aspects of our designs include.

1. High-Quality & Standard Equipment

Tailored to your specifications, our solutions guarantee precise temperature control for cold rooms and freezers.

2. Manufacture Selection Software

Utilizing advanced software for precise equipment selection and design perfection.

3. Optimized Energy Consumption & High Efficiency

Ensuring energy efficiency for sustainable operations.

4. High Reliability with Less Maintenance & Breakdowns

Designing for durability and minimal maintenance requirements.

5. Customized Design According to Site Conditions & Requirements

Tailoring designs to specific site conditions and your unique needs.

6. Project Planning Service with Project Management

Providing end-to-end project planning and management services.

7. A to Z Design Service Including Civil & Mechanical Design

Encompassing comprehensive design services with Chartered Engineers.

Installation & commissioning services.

Our dedicated team of experienced professionals ensures the seamless installation and commissioning of your projects, guaranteeing optimal functionality.

Maintenance service & assistance.

Beyond installation, we offer ongoing Maintenance Service & Breakdown Repair for products supplied by us. Our mobile app ensures continuous monitoring, sending real-time data and critical alarms to your mobile device.

Choose Ceylon Refrigeration & Engineering Pvt Ltd for a comprehensive suite of services, designed to ensure the success and longevity of your refrigeration projects.